Intuiting Introverted

Intuiting Introverted with Feeling

Intuiting Introverted with Thinking

Ni+Te = INTJ in MBTI = ILI in Socionics = type 6 in Enneagram

The Socionics definition:

1.  Introverted Intuition. Introverted intuition in NiTe types is often characterized by well-developed imaginative abilities and mental wanderings. They can spend a great deal of time simply thinking and may appear to live 'in their heads'. This mental focus is demonstrated through reflection on scenarios, pondering bodies of information, etc. They can be prone to excessive daydreaming, creation of intricate inner worlds or universes, or considering the past or future. NiTe types may even have novelistic tendencies with the ability to create intricate plots, characters and places. NiTe types, however, are not necessarily inclined to share their imagination with others.

NiTe types are naturally attuned to hidden connections between things as well as hints of greater implications in everyday reality. They easily recognize patterns of events, repeating outcomes and contradictory messages. This overarching understanding of patterns and behavior allows NiTe types to critically analyze present situations and determine both immediate and far-reaching consequences of certain actions. The mind of an NiTe type is an oasis of sorts where knowledge is treated as a toy or even a vehicle that allows them to visit complex mental landscapes that are continually shaped and revised by new information. Nonetheless, they are likely to find the process of gathering new information tiresome compared to their mental explorations; new information is often accumulated and updated in a rather lethargic, periodic, and occasionally incomplete fashion.

NiTe types are often stereotypically represented as reclusive scholars, philosophers, scientists, artists, seers, and sages. With their often unusual perceptions, they may come across as unreachable, esoteric eccentrics. Because of their confidence about analyzing the implications of their gathered knowledge, NiTe types often appear perceptive, especially in fields of interest, and commonly tend to view the ideas of others with skepticism and scrutiny. They may even see others' intellectual contributions as deeply misguided or limited in scope.

NiTe types often predict inevitable disasters. This type of fatalism is fueled by their ability to see the negative in anything, which has its roots in the NiTe type's general dislike of expressing or reinforcing positive emotions. For an NiTe type, it may be easier to predict pessimistic results in order to avoid unpleasant emotional reactions. Likewise, the NiTe type's sense of self doubt leads him to be very conservative in his general outlook; why unnecessarily subject oneself to the uncertainty of possible disappointment?