Prototypes and Archetypes 

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Se  -  Si -  Fe  -  Fi  -  Te  -  Ti  -  Ne  -  Ni

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Se - Sensing Extraverted

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Si - Sensing Introverted 

In its deepest essence, TYPE Si is associated with the fundamental archetype of Mother Earth, Mother Nature, Mother Nurse, which embodies peace, beauty, fertility, care, education and feeding, health. This archetype is the guardian and protector of life, it manifests itself as the guardian of children and families, and the guardian of the environment on this planet, associated with the earth, flora and fauna. ????

The basic archetype contains smaller subarchetypes, which are expressed through different specializations and social roles:

???? HEALER (Healer, Doctor, Nurse, Masseur) - care for health, recovery of energy resources, a sense of strength. 

???? ARTIST (Designer, Sculptor, Master, Aesthete) - creation from the chaos of beauty of forms, design of space. 

???? CHILD OF NATURE (Ecologist, Veterinarian, Farmer, Animal Rights Defender, Vegetarian) - friendship with nature, communication with animals and plants, connection with the earth.????????

???? FEEDER (Guardian, Caring, Helper, Good Neighbor) - feels the need to feed and warm the neighbor.

???? MEDIATOR (Mediator, Peacemaker, Conciliator) - on a psychological level Sensing Introverted is manifested in peacekeeping.

TYPE SENSING INTROVERTED can be expressed by the following archetypes: Helper, Caring, Guardian, Conciliator, Mediator, Peacemaker, Artist, Aesthete, Healer, Masseur, Honographer, Honostist, Master, Master, Honorary, Master, Master , Good neighbor, Inhabitant, Citizen, Silent majority, Nothing special, Servant, Lazy.


Description of the most striking archetypes of type Si at different LEVELS OF PSYCHOLOGICAL MATURITY.

MEDIATOR - smoothes the relationship between antagonistic groups or individuals. Respects both sides of the dispute, combines different points of view, thus bringing the warring parties closer and guiding the parties to the conflict to reconciliation. Harmonizes the most difficult situations. In crisis situations, it remains calm, bringing peace to the atmosphere of general concern.

SUPPORTER - takes care of others, supports, provides the necessary resources. Creates an environment where everyone has the opportunity to be heard, where there is support for generating ideas and developing creative potential. Feels that everyone has a place in the world, encourages everyone's initiatives, helps to put new ideas into practice.

THE EVERYMAN - his motto is: "I do not interfere in anything, I do not impose anything." Lack of own opinion, contradiction of views, inertia, lack of initiative. He does not see his potential, he is afraid to stand out from the crowd. He tries to please others, is compliant, it is difficult for him to say "no". Focused on simple family values. Practical, knows how to work with his hands. Provides close resources to meet basic needs: food, clothing, housing, health. Prone to domestic hyperopia over others.

HEDONIST - the pursuit of physical and aesthetic pleasures: delicious food, wine, exquisite design, comfortable environment, closeness to nature, contact with animals, good comfortable clothes, a sense of relaxation, slowness, physical beauty, sexuality. Concentration on one's bodily sensations, incontinence, indulgence of one's own desires. Predisposition to bad habits, laziness and overeating. The urge to store things and products "in stock". Whims of comfort: "Sandals are pressed ... the bed is hard… not tasty… cold… loud "

SABOTEUR - looking for ways to avoid discomfort, tension and conflict. Outwardly, he agrees with others while maintaining a friendly appearance, although internally he passively and aggressively resists, stubbornly refuses to act or does something very slowly, "forgets" about his promises, keeps silent, does things his own way until no one sees. Physical discomfort causes him attacks of irritation, complaints about household issues and insults. His slovenliness and carelessness in everyday life reflects the state of his inner discomfort. With his destructive household habits he causes discomfort to others: cigarette smoke, mess, dirty clothes, noise from the TV.

SERVANT - indifferent to himself and others. Automatically adjusts to others, suppressing their desires and feelings that may not be liked by others, prone to merging with others. He loses his individuality, allows himself to be exploited, playing the role of a servant who receives nothing in return. TV, food, sleep, etc. used by him for the purpose of "numbness" or self-forgetfulness.

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Fe - Feeling Extraverted

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Fi – Feeling Introverted

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Te - Thinking Extraverted

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      Ti - Thinking Introverted

???? In its deep essence TYPE Ti is connected with the fundamental archetype of the WISE MAN, who has departed from the daily hustle and bustle of earthly passions, looks into the depths of things and phenomena, into the middle of himself, penetrating the deepest laws of Being. TYPE Ti strives for the pure light of knowledge and absolute truth. It gives people an understanding of divine laws and higher justice. Highlights the root causes of life situations, explains the cause and effect, shows the work or failure of a person's past experience. Helps others understand the need for situational limitations and obstacles to a person's life lessons that contribute to the proper realization of the individual vocation.

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Description the most striking archetypes of type Ti at different LEVELS OF PSYCHOLOGICAL MATURITY.

WISE - brings people an understanding of divine laws and the highest justice. Sees cause-and-effect relationships in human life. Highlights the root causes of life situations, indicates the worked out or not worked out past experience. Knows and formulates universal laws of development of macro- and microsystems, the influence of supersystems.

CREATOR OF SYSTEMS - creates and organizes structures, both theoretical (scientific systems, educational, legislative) and practical (government, business, law enforcement). As a scientist, he creates and substantiates new scientific theories that have long influenced the development of science. He is inspired by the Enlightenment for the progress of mankind. In practical life, participates in state-building, creates and strengthens state structures. Implements the progressive principles of society. Organizes a team in which everyone has the opportunity for growth, which increases the synergy of society as a whole.

OBSERVER - likes when everything around is in order. He follows the rules and wants others to follow them too. He trusts the mind more than the emotions. It is difficult for him to maintain emotional contact with others. He has a strong need to be alone to analyze himself and the world around him. Observes life, reflects, organizes information to form a coherent view of the world, which determines its self-esteem. He likes to share his knowledge and conclusions with others, sees himself in the role of a wise teacher.

ETERNAL STUDENT - accumulates knowledge indiscriminately and without practical need. "A day without new knowledge is like a day without the sun." He can't turn off his overheated brain, he stops caring about his physical and emotional needs, he lives only in his head. Loses the ability to communicate with others except the subject of his knowledge, becomes boring. Avoids solving real life issues, believes that he does not have enough knowledge for this. Action is replaced by analysis.

DEMANDING - imposes his rules and his picture of the world on others: "think like me". He despises the ignorant - all those who do not understand him. Hang labels. He demands that the world and those around him meet the parameters in his head. Cold, callous, critical, demanding, incapable of emotional contact with people, indifferent to the needs of others. Stubborn, intellectually inflexible. He isolates himself from the world, reduces his personal needs, becomes stingy.

DISORIENTED - his former permanent view of the world is completely destroyed. All landmarks are lost. Consciousness falls into complete chaos and is unable to form a new picture of the world. He feels despair, horror, extreme vulnerability and insecurity, deep depression. There is a feeling of uselessness and meaninglessness of one's existence.

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Ne - Intuition Extraverted

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Ni - Intuition Introverted 

INTUITION Introverted - the most mysterious of the eight mental functions, it perceives the images, symbols and archetypes that make up the content of the unconscious. Due to this, TYPE Ni, in which this function is the main one, is most of all inclined to observe its deep inner world and can feel the inner world of others. In its deep essence TYPE Ni is connected with the archetype of the SEER, because he is able to see the essence of human nature in its dynamics and constant change and to perceive the content of the collective unconscious. He can predict the development of events and behavior of people, sees the principles underlying events and phenomena, subtly senses the rhythm and flow of time, sees the relationship of events in time.

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Description the most striking archetypes of type Ni at different LEVELS OF PSYCHOLOGICAL MATURITY.

SEER - has a strong connection with the superconscious. Shows high spiritual potential in everyday life. Immersed in the depths of the human psyche. Helps others understand their inner world, feel connected to spiritual nature, and find its Source. Understanding the illusory nature of the time factor, he feels the time cycles well and helps a person to know a certain aspect of his individuality at the best moment for him.

INTEGRATOR - feels what he has in common with all mankind, wants unity with all. He is inspired by the search for what unites people. He is able to unite people to achieve a common goal: survival, protection, implementation of the project, implementation of the idea. Protects the integrity of the group, keeps it in unity. Reminds why everything is done. Promotes group insight, strengthening the collective consciousness.

FATALIST - not confident enough to act in the physical world. He can think of everything in his mind, but never start doing it. A strong external impulse helps him to act. Has a hidden desire to follow someone else's strong will. Tends to rely on others, on fate, on circumstances. "You will not run away from fate." Anxious - exaggerates the threats of the physical world, believes that he can not cope with them.

DREAMER - creates in his imagination a pseudo-reality, a parallel universe. The paintings that his imagination paints, bright and bright, are much more attractive than everyday life. Can imagine himself almost a magician, thinking about how much he is different from others, absolutely unique. Loses contact with the outside world, falls out of reality, closes in on himself. He can be alone for a long time, avoiding people and everyday life.

VICTIM - obsessed with his experiences, falls into the role of victim: dramatizes, offends, exaggerates his suffering, shows hypersensitivity, blames others for his troubles. He remembers for a long time the offenses (hurts), prone to paranoia: he looks for hidden meaning in the behavior and statements of others, believes that others want to do him harm or despise him. Minor events or details cause him a violent emotional reaction, hysteria. "Nobody understands me." He believes that the stronger his suffering, the more he deserves special treatment.

MASOCHIST - loses his individuality, dissolving in another person stronger than himself, completely submissive to it in order to absorb its strength and benefits. Allows himself to be mocked and humiliated. He enjoys his own humiliation and physical suffering. Obedience to evil and sin. Feels hatred for himself.

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Typology in Homeopathy by LEON VANNIER, MD, Paris 1930

Dr. Vannier describes eight basic prototypes, named from Greek and Roman divinities with definite individualizing traits. These are Mars, Saturn, Apollo, Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, Luna, and Terra. Each type is thoroughly described in terms of dominant characteristics, morphology, mind, character, diseases to which they are prone, and changes that commonly occur with age and in specific circumstances.

Dr Vannier makes it clear that no human being is a pure prototype, exhibiting one set of characteristics alone, and that in his view two, three or even four types will be found in one person, either together in varying degree, or else in succession. These prototypes are combined into metatypes.


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