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  Mathias Fritsche - Autumn Serenade


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The Great Invocation in different languages every 30 minutes (approximately),

Ambient and Deep Space music, 

New Age and Spiritual music for connecting with Higher Self,

Relax, Chill-out and Healing music.

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Seven Rays Radio


0 # Ed Bonk 23.04.2020, 00:26

Hope all is well with you and you are staying safe!

Our company LAZZ Promotions, specializes in promoting artists who have music in the following areas: Contemporary Instrumental; New Age; New Age Neo-Classical; Cross-over Classical; Ambient; Electronica; Instrumental Folk; Contemporary World; World; Celtic; Native American; etc. Among the artists we have promoted are previous New Age Grammy winners: Peter Kater; White Sun; Ricky Kej and Wouter Kellerman; Laura Sullivan; Paul Averginos; and, Eric Tingstad. We would like to send you digital CDs of our current promotions for your consideration. If you would please let us know the contact information for sending new submissions, for the various genres we promote, we would be very appreciative and add you to our database.

Here are the current artists we are promoting:

Michael Whalen – Sacred Spaces – Solace Recordings (a division of myndstream) https://www.michaelwhalen.com/

Here are the video links for three tracks from Sacred Spaces. We hope you enjoy!

Ordinary Miracles - https://youtu.be/zgIB9ZD9nfM
Devotion - https://youtu.be/Bojt_2Sxt5U
In the Footsteps of the Blessed - https://youtu.be/jf86IfD3MwU

Kenneth Hooper – Directions – Astral Wolf Records http://www.kennethhooperflutes.com/ http://www.astralwolf.com/

Brian Golden – Once a Child – Parabola Music Productions http://www.briangoldencomposer.com/

We look forward to hearing back from you!

Take care,
Ed & Stacey Bonk
LAZZ Promotions
0 # chris 22.04.2019, 18:31
Hi, your logo on kodi has suddenly gone to a plain white star does this mean I have lost one of my fave radio stations?
Hope not, love you guys
Thank you
0 # Aysegul 26.01.2019, 12:03
:-) I love thıs radio station I listen always

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