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Radio Roks7 Rays Radio

The Great Invocation in different languages every 30 minutes (approximately),

Ambient and Deep Space music, 

New Age and Spiritual music for connecting with Higher Self,

Relax, Chill-out and Healing music.

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Seven Rays Radio


0 # Aysegul 26.01.2019, 12:03
:-) I love thıs radio station I listen always
0 # Ujjaya 08.12.2018, 09:24

My name is Ujjaya, I am a french ETHNO AMBIENT musician with malagasy roots.I'm influenced by JORGE REYES,TUU, STEVE ROACH,BRIAN ENO, JON HASSELL and ROBERT RICH as by indian raga or african percussions. I played dozens of ethnic instruments that I mix with computer and electronic devices. I'm mostly playing now gamelan and veena, mainly in sacred spaces in Paris (Hindu temples, pagoda, churches).
Though my musical visions seems extatic, hypnotic and oniric they always comes out from real events or living characters.

The landing Zone : https://archive.org/details/eg0_162

Greetings from France - Hery

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