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0 # Cornell Kinderknecht 08.09.2019, 17:14
Greetings, I’m Cornell Kinderknecht, a professional musician and recording artist from Dallas. As you begin preparing your seasonal programming for the upcoming holidays, I’d like to submit my instrumental (Native flute) rendition of Coventry Carol for your consideration.

If you’re interested in considering Coventry Carol for your holiday programming, you may download the tune at the dropbox link listed below. All relevant programming and artist information is included below. Best regards and thank you for considering my music for your holiday programming!

Music Submission:

Artist: Cornell Kinderknecht

Song Title: Coventry Carol

Label: Little Greyhound Music (ASCAP)

Catalog Number: AMUS 0105

FCC Compliance: Completely instrumental, radio-friendly, FCC compliant

Genre/Charts: Christmas, Traditional Holiday, New Age, Contemporary Instrumental, Specialty, World, Native/Indigeno us Flutes, Relaxation/Medi tation, Easy Listening

About the Song: Coventry Carol is a beautiful traditional Christmas song from 16th century England that lends itself so well to a contemporary take on the soulful Native American Flute. This version of Coventry Carol is performed and arranged by Cornell Kinderknecht, and includes a new bridge by Cornell. This song is also known as Lully Lullay.

Download Information:

File format: MP3 with requisite meta data embedded. (Please advise if you require a different file type.)

Download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/i4oj1xc18gtldml/01_CornellKinderknecht_CoventryCarol_320k.mp3?dl=0

Note: Please let me know if you need further information, i.e., artist bio, one sheet or album image, and I’ll forward same.

Artist Contact Information:

Email: ckpress@cornellk.com Phone: 469-248-6215

Website: www.cornellk.com

Social Media Addresses:

Facebook: facebook.com/Co rnellMusic/

Instagram: @cornellkck

Twitter: @cornellk

YouTube: youtube.com/user/cornellk

Thank you for your consideration toward adding my music to your rotation!
0 # chris 22.04.2019, 18:31
Hi, your logo on kodi has suddenly gone to a plain white star does this mean I have lost one of my fave radio stations?
Hope not, love you guys
Thank you
0 # Aysegul 26.01.2019, 12:03
:-) I love thıs radio station I listen always

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